There is a very serious mistery arround the snowman in our garden. He seems perfectly calm and cold, but under the snow, there is a heart. Read the legend. You'll be surprised.
In dark moments she awakes and lives her dreadful legend.
Read about sorrow and pain.
Read about evil and death.
Read about the Corpse Bride!
Did you hear the old story about the Black Widow? No, we're not talking about the spider, but about a woman as evil and as dangerous.
All pirates get drunk time after time. After all, that's what rum is all about, but noone should lose their soul for that. Well, one drunk man did.
And someone will regret it for eternity.
Read a new legend of the dragon. This one is not that dark and is not very mystical. It tells the history.
It's the original story, how started The Dragon Riders.

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